You may wish to restrict the right to edit certain Munki manifests to certain users in your organisation. For example, you may wish to allow the editing of individual client manifests, but prevent editing of certain “core” manifests that affect a large number of machines. Alternatively, you may have different manifests for different organisational units, and may wish to only allow members of those units to edit their own manifests.

Munki-Do can now be configured to restrict manifest editing, based on Django group membership. To enable this feature, set MANIFEST_RESTRICTION_KEY in or with the DOCKER_MUNKIDO_MANIFEST_RESTRICTION_KEY Docker environment variable. With this set, a new key is added to a manifest which determines which group

Any group created in Munki-Do’s Django admin interface can be used, as can ‘staff’ and ‘superuser’. If you enter a group name which doesn’t exist, only superusers will be able to edit that manifest. Superusers can edit any manifest regardless of ret restriction.


In this example, Users “firstline” and “staffmember” both have access to edit standard manifests, as members of an “it-support” group, but “staffmember” is also a member of the “staff” group. The “admin” user (a superuser) adds “staff” to the “User restriction” setting of the “site_default” manifest.

Admin user has set User Restrictions to “Staff”: img-1

The manifest name is displayed with “(restricted)” appended, to make it clear that not everyone can edit this manifest.

“Firstline” account is not a member of the “Staff” group, and so cannot edit this manifest - no Edit button is displayed: img-2

“Staffmember” account is a member of the “Staff” group, and so can edit this manifest - the Edit button is displayed: img-3

If the Admin user or a member of the “Staff” group removes the User Restrictions entry, normal editing rights return, and the “(restricted)” message is removed: img-4

If the MANIFEST_RESTRICTION_KEY is not set in or using a Docker environment variable, the User Restrictions entry is not available: img-5

Thanks go to @GrahamGilbert for the idea for this feature of Munki-Do.