Here is a single-script installer/updater for AutoPkg and JSSImporter. It’s largely comprised of code extracted from Run-Munki-Run and ultimately Munki In A Box, but there’s no Munki in there any more.

What does it do?

  • Installs command line tools if not present (because git is required for AutoPkg)
  • Downloads, installs and configures the latest version of AutoPkg
  • Uses AutoPkg to install JSSImporter
  • Configures JSSImporter


Create a user on each JSS Instance with the following credentials (System Settings => JSS User Accounts & Groups):

  • Account:
    • Username: AutoPkg
    • Access Level: Full Access
    • Privilege Set: Custom
    • Access Status: Enabled
    • Full Name: AutoPkg JSSImporter
    • Email Address:
    • Password: ChangeMe!!!
  • Privileges:
    • Categories: Create Read Update
    • Computer Extension Attributes: Create Read Update
    • File Share Distribution Points: Read
    • Packages: Create Read Update
    • Policies: Create Read Update
    • Scripts: Create Read Update
    • Smart Computer Groups: Create Read Update
    • Static Computer Groups: Create Read Update

You also need to know the password that the JSS uses to connect to the distribution point.


As a bare minimum, edit and save the following variables in

# JSS address, API user and password

# Jamf Distribution Server name and password. In normal usage, this is sufficient
# due to information gathered from the JSS.

Then, run the script as the regular user (not as root/sudo):