UPDATE: As python2 was removed entirely from macOS with the release of Monterey 12.4, these instructions are only valid for machines running 12.0-12.3.1.

If you run a Python script on a Mac running macOS Monterey, or even if there is a python command in a shell script that you run on Monterey, you will get a popup warning, something like this:

python2 warning

Python 2 was deprecated back in January 2020, but Apple are still including it in the latest OS for “compatibility”. With Monterey, they decided to add this warning, and this can prevent the scripts from running at all, for example if they are being run from your management system when nobody is logged into the computer.

It’s also not obvious to the user that the prompt is caused by a python script. It makes it appear that the application that invokes the script “needs to be updated”. I’ve also seen this when using Visual Studio Code, for example, because an extension is evaluating python 2 scripts I still have in some repos on my system. But the warning is implying that Visual Studio Code itself needs to be updated. Not very clear.

Now is the time to remove any Python 2 scripts from your management workflow. But, if you wish to prevent your users from seeing this prompt while you work through finding and removing any python scripts or commands from your workflow, you can do it easily enough with a custom MDM preference key.

The domain you need is com.apple.python, and the preference key is DisablePythonAlert - set it to True.

If you are using Jamf Pro, you can just copy-paste this payload into a custom profile:

<plist version="1.0">

For the crazies among you, I also have an AutoPkg recipe to create the profile in Jamf.