Today, 07 October 2021, I am proud to be presenting at the MacSysAdmin Online Conerernce 2021, on AutoPkg Everything - How ETH Zürich extends the AutoPkg framework beyond uploading packages.

This post contains links to everything that was presented that is publicly available.

Video and Slides

A PDF containing all slides (with transitions) and presenter notes is available here

Presentation slide 1

Jamf Policy Design






Example recipes

Scheduling AutoPkg

AutoPkg for Windows

These links refer to my colleague Nick Heim’s work in forking AutoPkg for Windows.

Other useful resources

  • AutoPkg - a framework for deploying packages.
  • AutoPkg 2020 - MacSysAdmin presentation by Greg Neagle
  • Writing AutoPkg Recipes - EveryWorld workshop by Anthony Reimer
  • jss_helper - an API tool for promoting packages uploaded via JSSImporter from testing to production. Requires AutoPkg, JSSImporter and python-jss to be installed. Note that I mis-spoke in the presentation and called this “Jamf Helper”.